Award Winning First Aid Classes across the UK

First Aid Classes for Adults

Our ALL NEW Adult First Aid classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give you the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Our Adventurer classes for young people focus on key skills for adventure travel, encompassing emergency first aid medicine, survival and rescue techniques.

You can book onto a public class at a local venue, or a private class at home.

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First Aid Awareness Class For Adults 2 Hour Class

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First aid awareness class for adults

The 2-hour First Aid Awareness Class for Adults​ ​covers heart attack, CPR, using an AED, stroke,​ ​burns, bleeds, severe allergic reaction, choking, seizures and breaks.​ ​This informal class will give everyone who attends the skills to respond in an emergency situation involving a loved one, friends or even in a bystander situation. Our​ ​First Aid Awareness Class for Adults is backed up by the latest in​ ​medical research updates which​ ​support our teaching. The class is​ ​accredited by The CPD Standards Office.

You will take home your own copy of a 40 page comprehensive first aid manual, which covers all of the life-saving advice discussed in your class.

Our engaging, memorable and practical classes are available UK wide, in both public and private venues.

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Adventurer First Aid

6 Hour Adventurer First Aid workshop / certified course.

Adventurer First Aid provides training for extreme injuries in extreme situations. The 6-hour course focuses on key skills for adventure travel, encompassing Emergency First Aid medicine, Survival and Rescue techniques.  Statistically 56% of deaths of males between the age of 15-24 are caused by accidents, the same is true for 20% of females.

Adventurer First Aid is a fun, interactive hands on 6-hour course designed to instil excitement and confidence for adventures ahead whilst also providing the skills to deal with the unknown in far flung places. Be it a head injury jumping off a waterfall in the jungle or a Road Traffic Accident in a capital city around the globe, Adventurer first Aid passes on the skills for safer travelling for both you and your travel companions.

Our Team, consisting of highly experienced trainers working alongside a serving HM Coastguard Search and Rescue Paramedic, have written a 1 day course that provides essential travel preparation for all age groups. 

Adventurer First Aid can be taken as a non certified course; awarding a certificate of attendance, or as certified course; awarding an Emergency First Aid at Work 6-hour qualification.   

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